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Part time
Dars e Nizami Course

“If Allah intends goodness for someone, he gives him understanding of the religion.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

The Dars-e-Nizámi course is one of the most established syllabi’ in the world, with many great scholars in the Islamic tradition
having graduated from this traditional Islamic scholarship course.

Having its roots in Mughal India, It was Mulla Nizám al-Dín (d.1747) from Northern India, near Lucknow who founded this syllabus. Designed for a non-Arab audience, the Dars-e-Nizámi syllabus in its primitive years focuses extensively on grounding the student in the Arabic language, with a deep-dive into three subjects: Nahw (grammar), Sarf (morphology), and Balágha (rhetoric), ensuring the student is ready to delve into classical Islamic literature.

The syllabus then turns its focus to the core Islamic sciences such as Theology (Aqídah), Islamic Law (Fiqh), and Legal theory (Usúl), and more.

The engaged student will then culminate his/her studies with the two loftiest of sciences: Qur’anic exegesis and Prophetic narrations.


At Madrasa al-Qúba, we have taken the core elements of the Dars-e-Nizámi syllabus and evolved the syllabus based on what we feel is important for Muslims living in contemporary times. 

We have integrated European studies such as logic and philosophy alongside the classic Islamic literature to equip the student to tackle contemporary challenges being faced by Muslims today.

The syllabus can be divided into 3 stages:
1. Primitive
2. Intermediary
3. Advanced

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for any attentive individual looking to invest several years into studying Islamic sciences through an authentic tradition.

The rise of the digital world has led to the general Muslim public being exposed to a vast array of opinions in matters related to religion, leading to mass confusion amongst Muslims. This course will present the most authentic opinions which exist today, whilst critically analysing all other respectful opinions offered by Muslim authorities today.

What will I achieve from this course?

A graduate of this course will have a good grasp of the core Islamic sciences, with deep dives into the most important subjects. This will equip the graduate to take on greater responsibility within his/her community and ensure this authentic tradition is preserved for future Muslim generations.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

The student will be mature (16+) and have knowledge of the fard al-Ain (essential Islamic knowledge). Another prerequisite of the course is the ability to read Arabic.

How long is the course?

The course is taught part-time, twice a week (typically 5 hours a week).

Students are expected to also put a significant amount of time into studying outside of class hours.

There are 3 stages in the course, with each stage expected to take 3 years.

 Graduation at each stage is a requirement before progressing to the next stages

Course Instructor(s)

Muhammad Faysal Yaqoob
Zain Tahir

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