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“Allah will elevate those of you who are faithful, and ˹raise˺ those gifted with knowledge in rank. ”
Surah Al-Mujadila

Madrassa Al Quba was founded over 30 years ago by our teacher and founder Maulana Muhammad Ayub Naqshbandi (May Allah have mercy on him).

We are based in Oldham and have supported the local community with regular classes and events.
However, what distinguishes us is that our teachers and many of our students are professionals who volunteer their time and efforts for the sake of Allah and his beloved صلى الله عليه وسلم .

Our work and efforts revolve around educating the next generation and empowering them to face the future, whilst ensuring a strong link to their religious academic heritage and tradition. We have aspirational plans for the future and seek your support in helping us to realise these.

Our Ethos

Our aim at Madrassa Al Quba is to educate students in an environment, integrated with heritage and tradition, where they can feel empowered to face the challenges to Muslims growing up in the West.

We encourage this both in the general ethos of the Madrassa and in the principles we impart to the students. We place great emphasis on ensuring that along with religious education, our students also excel in their secular studies. This will ensure that students are best equipped to go on and give back
to their local communities.

Our Founder

Maulana Muhammad Ayub Naqshbandi

Maulana Ayub Naqshbandi

Our founder is Maulana Muhammad Ayub Naqshbandi (May Allah have mercy on him), known lovingly by their students as Ustaad Ji and by the local community as Haji Sahb.

He was born in 1963 in Pakistan and travelled to the United Kingdom in 1977 aged 14. Upon completion of his primary education, he began working in the textile industry until the age of 25.

In 1989 Allah guided them to their main teacher, Ustaad ul Ulama Allamah Bashir Ahmed Siyaalvi (May Allah have mercy on him), and he began his formal studies. This was one of the distinguishing qualities
of our founder, that unlike other scholars, he began his pursuit of knowledge in adulthood and balanced this with work and family life.

Upon the advice of his teacher, he then travelled to Pakistan in January 1997 and completed Hadith studies at Jamia Nizamia Rizvia Lahore, a seminary known for producing great scholars with our founder being no exception to this.

Around 10 months later, he returned to the United Kingdom and began serving the Ummah. His passion for learning and teaching led him to establish the Madrassa in 1998, and testament to his sincerity is the fact that to this day the Madrassa continues to serve the community.

In 2001, he began working in Her Majesty’s Prison Service as a chaplain/imam. He served with sincerity and nurtured the Muslim population many of whom credited him with turning their lives around. This continued until he left this temporal realm.

In early 2018 he was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. Despite such devastating news, he remained positive and hopeful, and never did he complain about what he was going through. He remained patient and fought bravely through the pain, teaching classes, advising the students from the hospital and even speaking of the importance of knowledge from their hospice bed.

In October 2018, the pillar of knowledge, love and sincerity breathed his last and left behind a legacy of knowledge and practice. He was a man of great piety and concern for the next generation, especially wanting to pass on knowledge to empower them.

His legacy continues in the form of the classes, the Madrassa and his students.

Meet the Team

Muhammad Faysal Yaqoob

Faysal is one of the senior students of our founder and was fortunate to spend over a decade in their company, taking one-on-one from their blessed knowledge.

He began his studies in 2008 and completed numerous books in many sciences under their fond care and tutelage. He continues his studies under numerous teachers thereafter and remains an active student. 

In 2013 he completed the memorisation of the Quran at his local mosque. After their passing, he was honoured by being allowed to serve the community by continuing the classes. 

He currently teaches the senior Dars e Nizami class at the Madrassah, as well as other specialist classes. He is often invited to deliver lectures and classes around the country.

As well as his religious studies, Faysal is also a graduate having completed both his LL. B Honours degree and a Masters in Legal Practice from the University of Huddersfield. He is a qualified solicitor specialising in immigration and human rights law, working full time in this role.

Zain Tahir

Zain began his Islamic studies at the age of 15 under the tutelage of Maulana Muhammad Ayub, studying the Dars e Nizami course on a part-time basis for eight years.

Following the passing of our founder, Zain continued his studies with several leading Islamic scholars in the UK, including Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed, Shaykh Atabek Shukrov, Dr Mansur Ali and Dr Sohail Hanif.

Zain is currently one of the teachers of the Dars e Nizami course at the Madrassa.
Zain has a Masters in Engineering from the University of Manchester and is currently employed as a cloud engineering consultant for a leading tech company.

Imran Azam

Imran completed his memorisation of the noble Quran in Karachi (Pakistan) in 2001. On his return to the United Kingdom, he began teaching at a local mosque and served the local community on a daily basis.

He began his advanced studies in 2010 under the tutelage of our founder and remains a dedicated student of the Madrassa. As well as focussing on his own studies, he is also the senior teacher of the weekly Gateway to Sacred Knowledge course.

Aside from his religious studies, Imran has completed a degree in Tourism Management from the University of Salford. He is also a very successful businessman, operating two retail premises from Rochdale and Bolton.

Atiq Oraman

Atiq is a student in the Dars e Nizami course at the Madrassa and began his studies in 2015 under the tutelage of our founder. 

After their passing, he continued his studies at the Madrassa under Maulana Faysal Yaqoob. He also studies spoken Arabic with Sheikh Amjad of the Ghazali Trust.

Along with his own studies, he is an assistant teacher in the weekly Gateway to Sacred Knowledge course as well as a private teacher to a number of students within his locality.

Having completed his college level education, Atiq went on to work for government departments such as the Home Office. He is currently employed by HMRC.

Outside the Madrassa, Atiq has a keen interest in dawah in his local community and is a regular attendee at local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes.

Mohammed Hasnain Shafiq

Hasnain is a student in the Dars e Nizami course at the Madrassa and began his studies in 2015 under the tutelage of our founder. He has continued his studies at the Madrassa under the guidance of Maulana Faysal Yaqoob.

Along with his own studies, he is also an assistant teacher in the weekly Gateway to Sacred Knowledge course. 

Whilst completing his secondary school education, Hasnain completed the memorisation of the Quran at his local mosque in 2015.

Along with his religious education, Hasnain has also successfully focussed on his secular education, working towards a degree in Psychology with Counselling and Psychotherapy at Manchester Metropolitan University

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